3 Most Incredible Travel Insurance Plans Available in Australia Market

Travelling is an essential part of our lives. Whether you are a business man flying out for some business venture, an exchanged student flying to another school, a family man who loves to have a vacation or simply a person who likes to take a week off to another country. We all have that travel bug inside us. However, when we explore Australia market, we noticed that a large percentage of people traveling every year get to travel abroad without getting insured. Even though travel insurance plans available in Australia are very lucrative and affordable.

travel insurance australia
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Mostly because they are not fully convinced by the high number of risk of traveling uninsured. Some just simply don’t want to sit down, pick a time from their busy schedule and get a quote So, what we do is find the best travel insurance providers in Australia and save you from the hassle of comparing and weighing hundreds of insurance companies.

Today, we give you 3 of the outstanding insurers and help you choose who is the best travel insurance company in Australia.

World Nomads Insurance Company

Our first pick is the World Nomads Insurance Company.

Now, we know for a fact that World Nomads is basically one of the oldest and largest insurance providers in the market. And you just can’t simply neglect that they are also the most well-established insurance companies. So this company is trustworthy. They have been proven credible for quite some time.

As many of the people know that World Nomads is not limited to Australians only but they have a wide horizon of branches across the globe and considered one of prominent international travel insurance companies. This insurance provider has been complimented by their customers for having a responsive and easy-to-use sight in the internet. World nomads is great for those traveling for vacation and traveling alone as their policies are designed primarily for and by adventurous travelers around the world.

Although it’s not the most affordable travel insurance  company in Australia, their policies are really generous in the sense that they offer a wide variety of covered risks. That’s a total of 150 possible accidents while traveling. Are you surprised? Their medical and health care offers are simply exceptional. This is really important when traveling as you don’t want a failed medication when needed.

And that’s the first thing you want to reassure when you compare travel insurance plans available in Australia. Australia, for one, has a lot of insurance companies so you would want to know which insurance provider is the best one that suits your choice.


Our next pick would have to be World2Cover Insurance provider.

Although this company is just new to the business of travel insurance in Australia, they have proven themselves worthy of attention and people’s choice. World2cover is excellent enough to offer unlimited medical and hospital cover when you are travelling overseas and an unlimited cover for cancellation fees if something happens.

And before this article was written, we have only heard insurers cover children 18 years old and below. But World2Cover incredibly insures children and grandchildren age 25 years old and below. Like, how cool is that? You can definitely bring the entire clan with you when you travel.

Although, World2cover would not be our best option for adventurous travelers who are looking for travel insurance companies in Australia as they have such limited coverage for some tourist activities as to compare from World nomads. Yet rest assured that they can be the best domestic travel insurance company. Australia, the place where the company originated has plenty of vacation destinations as well, so normally, locals just go visit across towns and cities in the country.

Now, let’s talk about numbers. World2cover has been getting a lot of recognition from their customers for having a very cheap premium prices.

They offer a number of discounts especially when it’s your first time to partner with them. One of the favorite kickers by their avid customers is their loyalty discounts. This insurer gives a percentage discount to loyal members who have been subscribing to their policy for a couple of years.

When a time came that anything else increased, world2cover’s policies remained the same and remained reasonable. Customers also avail for their unusual offers of extras such as new for old replacement of possessions or their winter sports possible accidents.

Simply Travel Insurance

Our last choice would definitely Simply Travel Insurance, a proudly independent Australian company.

This hundred percent Aussie owned company has a lot to offer. Their insurance plans are summarized in 5 major policies, namely: Comprehensive, budget, frequent traveler, domestic traveler, ski and cruise experience. But their most availed-of and their major pride is their comprehensive plan.

Their comprehensive plan is quite excellently designed for travelers who want most, if not all, risks to be insured against.

What Makes Simply Travel Insurance Different

Among many other inclusions, their comprehensive plan includes guaranty for emergency expenses and loss. It also includes medical care, hospital and dental coverage, and repatriation services in case you or someone with you needs to go back home.

Customers liked their budget plan offer as well. Budget policy is best suited for a person who hold his budget, has affordability in mind but wanting to have peace in it as well.

Budget policy offers you an unlimited medical and health insurance while you travel, and covers for your repatriation when it is necessary.

While not mentioned on the lists, there are also a quite number of insurance companies who performed outstanding services of insurance too. To mention a few, there are companies like IMG, or CoverMore insurance that really offers great deals of policies as well. If you want to know more everyday financial hacks, we would recommend visiting Money Visual personal finance.

However, this list is filtered and narrowed down through a number of online reviews given by insurance customers. We combed it all together and mentioned 3 of the most sought-after and most availed companies.

Traveling is supposed to be fun. But, we can’t help that accidents happen.

So the best way to deal with them is to deal with them way ahead. That’s what insurers are for. Not only they sell security, but they sell peace of mind.

Hopefully our list would help you choose the best for you.

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