7 Amazing International Travel Insurance Plans (Adventure with no boundaries by getting insured!)

Whether you travel towards your dream vacation destination or you travel in a regular basis, one thing you always need the most. And it’s something that most of travelers tend to neglect. It’s security. One must need a security blanket to assure that every need, loss or unexpected event must be covered by when traveling. And there’s only one way to “assure” yourself against any harm or contingency, by taking an international travel insurance.

While you get confused as to which insurance provider to choose, as there are tons of insurance companies out there, we gathered major ratings and reviews online and put up this list for you to think easily and say no more!

international travel insurance
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So fasten your seatbelt! Because we will be giving you a list of seven best international travel insurance chosen by a number of travelers internationally.

Travel Insurance

Travelinsurance.com has been successful for being the first choice of almost all rating sites in the internet. They are complimented because of their user-friendly and responsive website as well as their excellent customer service. Customers love the way how easy and less complicated it is to choose and design a plan for them.

You may wonder, how we found travelinsurance.com as number one, well, we only examine companies that covers most if not all major areas in traveling that need to be insured.

These are: trip cancellation or delay, medical insurance, medical evacuation and repatriation, lost baggage or personal belongings, and of course a 24-hour international assistance.

Not only this insurance company covers all of these, but they offer these in a single policy in a very reasonably cheap price.

Because their plan prices are regulated by the states, so you won’t find a lower price anywhere else for a plan found with them.

Travelinsurance.com offers a great amount of standout extras as well. Now, you can get yourselves covered by the company for some extras like extreme sports or for some extraneous activities.

Allianz Global Assistance

Next on our list would be Allianz Global Assistance.

Allianz Global Assistance is one of the largest international travel insurance and definitely one of the oldest and well-established.

This insurance company offers a wide variety of options in quoting and organizing the traveler’s policy.

And here’s the catch, Allianz has the longest length of insured trip which is a coverage of a single travel abroad that lasts up to 365 days. This is incredibly generous as to compare to other known insurance providers in the market.

This insurer is greatly recommended for frequent travelers like students abroad or backpackers or those engaged to business ventures.

Travelex insurance services

Our next choice is the worldwide-known Travelex insurance services.

Now, among many reasons, we choose travelex as one of the best international travel insurance provider because of their generous policy for a family vacation.

They give an awesome offer for an all-kids free subscription. Yup! That’s right. Travelex insurance services insures all children in the family ages 18 years old and below. This is incredibly generous as most travel insurers charge more for every added person in traveling regardless of age.

However, travelex is not the most generous when it comes to medical care. Unlike most insurance company in the market, they only cover up to $50,000 for medical care and $500,000 for emergency medical evacuation. So mot likely, it’s not the best international travel medical insurance.

World Nomads insurance

Number 5 on the list is the World Nomads insurance.

World Nomads is the most recommended insurance by travelers and guidebook publishers. Although we’re not so sure why, but we have a good guess.

World Nomads is the best for adventurous travelers. This insurance company provides insurance cover of more than 150 activities a traveler wants to explore.

What they really brag about is that there policies were designed by experienced travelers who guarantees to have knowledge of what a traveler or a nomad traveler basically needs.

The real game changer is their extension offer. World nomads customers can purchase extras or extend their coverage while traveling. Just through few clicks online, you can stretch your policy wherever you are in the world.

Generali Global Insurance

Number 6 on the list is definitely Generali Global Insurance.

By its name itself, Generali has been really known across the globe. You can get a 24-hour emergency hotline from anywhere in the world and let you access a global network of physicians and care providers.

Generali Global insurance is also known for being well-organized when it comes to their travel policies. They lay down pre-existing conditions and cancel for any reason before you can actually start a quote so there is more assurance of trust worthiness with this company.

Medjetassist Insurance Company

The last one on the list is MedjetAssist insurance company.

Medjet offers excellent supplement to traditional travelers as well. They are most likely the best international travel with health insurance in the market.

With offers of global medical transport, travel security & crisis response memberships, customers can really travel with peace of mind. Customers also like the fact that with Medjet, they don’t have to rely to them on choosing a hospital because they can freely choose whatever hospital they want.

Plus they transport the injured from anywhere to their preferred hospital (150 miles or more from their residence).

And the best part about Medjet is that they offer 24/7 assistance and interpretation services for foreign hospitals. Isn’t that just amazing?

So here is the complete list of our most excellent international travel insurance providers. There are quite a number of other great insurers out there too that needs mentioning like, Travel guard and Seven Corners.

But we combed through our choices by most sought after and most availed by travelers and customers internationally.

We found out that only a small percentage of travelers insure themselves when they travel abroad. But it is important. It’s better to be sure sooner than later and that’s why you need these choices. You can check Annual Travel Insurance as well.

So do you agree with our list?

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