Differences between Contents and Portable Contents Insurance

An overview of portable contents insurance

Most people possess items that they consider to be very valuable. Some of these items are kept inside the house for example furniture, electrical equipment, and curtains. On the other hand, whenever we go out, we carry some of our valuable items. Some of them include smartphones, cameras, and laptops. Contents insurance caters for all those valuable treasures we keep inside our house. However, what about the items we carry with us when we go out? That is where portable contents insurance comes in.

Similarities between contents insurance and portable contents insurance

Below are the similarities between these two contents insurances:

  • The cover offered: Both the insurances cover your valuable treasures.
  • Accidental damages: Both types of insurances offer protection to your belongings. This is in case the items get damaged as a result of an accident.
  • Peace of mind: You get peace of mind after purchasing both types of insurance policies.
  • Financial protection: In case an unforeseeable event occurs, you are assured of financial protection and savings too. These types of policies will help you get back on your feet as fast as possible.

Differences between contents insurance and portable contents insurance

Below are the differences between contents insurance and portable contents insurance:

  • Items covered: While contents insurance covers the items inside the house, portable contents insurances cover the items you carry when you go outside.
  • Damage covered: Contents insurance covers damage caused due to unforeseeable events such as fire, floods, and theft. Portable contents insurance covers accidental damage for a limited time period.
  • Items: The items are covered under contents insurance include furniture, electrical apparatus, and curtains. Under portable contents insurance, items covered include jewelry, smartphones, handbags and also sporting equipment.

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