Cheap Travel Insurance (5 best plans worth the cost)

Instead of asking questions like, why would I need a travel insurance? Or how much of me needs it?, it might be best to start asking what unpredictable expenses would I not be able to cover? When me or someone in my family encounters a medical emergency upon traveling, will I be able to cover it? Are you traveling with any significant valuables that would be expensive to replace? If you know all answers for these questions, then I guess you are closely to think of getting travel-insured, at least through a cheap travel insurance worth the cost.

Now, the problem is, there are just so many cheap travel insurance out there and companies offer different insurance plans and policies with a variety of prices and it’s hard to identify which one’s legit or which ones are worth the price.

So, through our extensive research and feed back gathering, we give you the list of the 5 cheapest yet the most dependable insurances there exist in the market.

cheap travel insurance
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Leisure Guard Lite Cheap Travel Insurance

Our first pick is the Leisure Guard Lite. Whether you are on for a single trip travel insurance for a one-time vacation, or an annual multi-trip, Leisure Guard Lite provides you hundred percent guaranteed cheap travel insurance. UK, Australia, or USA travel destinations are mostly covered by Leisure Guard Lite, and they can even offer policies for travel destinations to other minor parts of the world.

This Insurance company gives you a lot of options or packages that you can pick to aid your topmost priorities or possible needs. It offers most insurances to valuables or situations which other companies might not have. Like vehicle hire excess insurance, gadgets, pets insurance and a lot more. And Of course it also caters the most basic plans like for medical bills and accidents or loss.

With premiums ranging £7.00 for a single traveler to £23.00 for a family, its travel policies cover most countries or worldwide. Its offers also vary depending on the age of the insured.

Allianz Global Assistance Cheap Travel Insurance

Next on our list is the globally known Allianz Global Assistance. This insurance is ultimately one of the cheapest travel insurance providers in UK. Most customers grab their multi-trips offers as they cover for an unlimited number of trips up to 31 days or one month in duration over a one-year period.

They offer a variety of insurance policies, but it would be best and definitely money-saving if you pick the annual insurances. Their annual price starts at £43.7 for families and at least £9.00 for an individual.

And Here’s the catch, they offer crazy discounts for families traveling together, for lovely couples, and usually children under 2 can be added to the family’s annual holiday insurance free of charge. An ultimate casting of fears!

InsureAndGo Cheap Travel Insurance

Our third pick is definitely InsureAndGo.This 5-starred rated travel insurance covers up to 50 activities and at the same time considers all ages and all types of medical conditions. Their single policies, namely, Budget, Silver and Gold covers most if not all distinctive liabilities that are not offered from other insurance but are of high chances of happening. Like legal expenses, failed departures, personal money and a lot more.

But most of all, they are most loved by adventurers because of their cheap medical travel insurance.

They also offer a variety of add-ons or optional upgrades for expenses one usually wouldn’t need like winter sports and golf equipment. With quotes that start from £45.00 annually for multi-trips worldwide ( including Europe, Thailand, UK, Australia, etc.), they often provide free charges to kids and some expenses like for water sports for the holidays.

World Nomads Cheap 

The fourth on our list is the World Nomads. World Nomads insurance is highly regarded for its less complicated and more flexible plans. It has a wide variety of insurance plans that cover most unpredictable yet horrifyingly possible incidents like stolen passports or dental problems while traveling.

In cases of accidents or illness, it insure for up to $100,000, and it reimburses lost or stolen belongings up to $1,000 or $3,000. And here’s the kicker, it provides for an emergency assistance line with a multi-lingual team available 24/7.

As per usual, the quotes vary depending on the levels of the plan, the length of the policy, etc. But its price normally starts from a total of £47.4 annually. Which, already, is a very reasonable amount of quote if you’re looking for cheap travel insurance. Ireland, for instance, is one of the most expensive countries to visit at the UK, but World Nomads insures travelers to the place with a surprisingly lower quotes than others.

Travel Guard Insurance

The last one on this list is the Travel Guard Insurance. This insurance is acclaimed as one of America’s leading provider of travel insurance plans and assistance programs. Customers find it easy to customize their policy on Travel Guard website, when they want to get really hands-on for their plans.

One might think that it’s unreasonable to pay for insurance to expenses or deals they need not to get covered, like water sports, when they want to prioritize other more realistic liabilities such as medical bills, for instance. Travel Guard Insurance offers most of the cheapest medical travel insurance with a lot of levels to offer, depending on the customer’s choice.

Prices may vary for a lot of reasons, so it’s better to just check Travel Guard and go over your desired price and policy.

As much as how much we try to stay on the safest road, we can’t really help that accidents happen. There are so many things out of our own control. We might just come so unprepared for the loss or damage we could be facing. And worst, your about a million miles away from home to bandage your need.

So, it is also very important to know the basic things you need to primarily consider when choosing a budget policy. Specially the ones like medical expenses, personal liability, luggage and personal belongings, and cancellation costs. If you’re aiming for a low-cost insurance policy and worry-free, then those things are what you are about to consider most.

And finally when you are travelling make sure that the contents at your home are safe and covered by one of these best contents insurance plans:

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