Cheap Contents Insurance (5 Best Options and Reasons Why You Need Them)

As much as we know that our houses are precious, we also know for a fact that our things are an asset too. That’s when you know that you need to protect your favorite things or yourself from losing them. And that’s where insurance providers come in, to protect what you value against things like fire, storm or flood damage and break-ins and even vandalism with Cheap Contents Insurance plans.

Through our extensive research, we compared a variety of content insurance providers over the internet and narrow down 5 cheap home contents insurance that are most-clicked and chosen.

cheap contents insurance
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Aviva Home Insurance

To start off, we pick Aviva Home Insurance. Aviva insurance has one of the greatest, if not the greatest deal of cheap building and contents insurance.

With an unlimited offer of cover limits, this insurance provider is rated 5-star by most independent financial research firms. And an overall rating of 4.7 from their active customers.

You can either take their contents insurance alone, or have a combination of your home and contents insured together. Their contents insurance prices starts at £48 per year. You can also get cheap home and contents insurance for as low as £99 annually, or £8.25 a month.

There is no limit for the overall amount because they cover all your contents. They really value what the customers value!

LV = Insurance

Our next pick would be LV = Insurance. This insurance provider has the next biggest amount of contents cover.
With LV= insurance, you can definitely get peace of mind by protecting your contents with an amount of £100,000 or £150,000 coverage.

LV= insurance covers even the lowest of things that you might not think as important. They insure contents for outbuildings like the ones from shed and garages. They also like to keep you safe through including keys or locks replacement when they’re stolen.

What’s really interesting for LV= as well, is that they offer cheap contents insurance for tenants too. If you’re living in a rental terms, you should also consider getting contents insurance.

You know that your landlord would never be responsible for the things you carry with you when you moved in.

We also compliment LV= for having a very user friendly website. You wouldn’t have a hard time designing and planning for your insurance quote. It should be easy.

Direct Line

Our third pick is definitely, Direct Line – Home Insurance Plus. Or just simply Direct Line. Although we absolutely advice you to take the Home Insurance plus policy.

Direct Line offers an optional and cheap house and contents insurance with a very reasonable price and that would cover up to £100,000 to an unlimited amount of your belongings.

Their prices would of course vary depending the quote you choose, but we’d say that they offer such a cheap house contents insurance. Such policy comes in two parts: buildings insurance which covers against damage to the house building itself and contents insurance for damaged or stolen items within the home. These can be combined or availed separately.

What customers love most about Direct Line, is their policy pay out. If a customer’s items are lost or damaged beyond repair, they will offer direct replacement or they can ask for cash.

They also offer extra services such as pluming for emergencies or discounts for Landlords and tenants. What a total lifesaver!

Square One insurance

Our fourth choice is Square One insurance. Square one is one of the most sought-after insurance providers in the US. They offer very reasonable prices, as low as 10 to 12 dollars a month.

Customers love how Square One makes it easy and affordable to make sure they can replace the things they love.

And here’s the catch, this insurance provider also protects their customers against lawsuits for accidental injury to others, or accidental damage to their landlord’s property.

Square One is also known for having a satisfactory customer service. It is traumatic enough that a customer had experienced damage, so it’s imperative that claiming for insurance claim must be made easy, simple and hassle free.

As per usual, their prices and amount of coverage would depend on the amount you enter for, but they cover you belongings from $50,000 up to $100,000.

Square One also boast for their globalized policies. They reach customers from other parts of the world other than America.

Budget Direct insurance

Our last pick would be Budget Direct insurance. Budget Direct Insurance gives 30% discount to new customers who would avail to their services.

Active customers claim that they save up to $334 when you choose their packages or insurance combination, such as their home insurance. It offers cheap home and contents insurance combined.

What’s covered with that? Well, they offer to cover the cost of your home building, when it’s damaged from floods, earthquakes and other damage causing disasters.

And when I say home building, it includes garden shed, fences and other structures on your property.

It also includes service of temporary accommodation. At a guaranteed reasonable price per month or annually, they would cover temporary accommodation for your family if your lost or damaged house or contents make your home unfit to live in.

Surprisingly, family includes pets!

Final Tips on Cheap Contents Insurance

Whether you are a homeowner, a tenant, or a landlord of tenants, you need to insure your properties from life’s uncertainty. What you’re paying for with your insurance plans is not just your damaged property and contents and loss, but also your peace of mind and contentment!

While you are planning for a travel, you might consider some cheap travel insurance plans. But don’t forget to protect your valuable possessions with contents insurance.

Having home insurance means you won’t be out of pocket if there’s a need to repair your home or replace your possessions after they’ve been stolen, damaged or destroyed.

So, with these choices, hopefully you would be able to find the cheapest insurance provider that fits your preferred budget and insures the things you love at the same time.

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