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3 Most Incredible Travel Insurance Plans Available in Australia Market

Travelling is an essential part of our lives. Whether you are a business man flying out for some business venture, an exchanged student flying to another school, a family man who loves to have a vacation or simply a person who likes to take a week off to another country. We all have that travel bug inside us. However, when we explore Australia market, we noticed that a large percentage of people traveling every year get to travel abroad without getting insured. Even though travel insurance plans available in Australia are very lucrative and affordable.

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Mostly because they are not fully convinced by the high number of risk of traveling uninsured. Some just simply don’t want to sit down, pick a time from their busy schedule and get a quote So, what we do is find the best travel insurance providers in Australia and save you from the hassle of comparing and weighing hundreds of insurance companies.

Today, we give you 3 of the outstanding insurers and help you choose who is the best travel insurance company in Australia.

World Nomads Insurance Company

Our first pick is the World Nomads Insurance Company.

Now, we know for a fact that World Nomads is basically one of the oldest and largest insurance providers in the market. And you just can’t simply neglect that they are also the most well-established insurance companies. So this company is trustworthy. They have been proven credible for quite some time.

As many of the people know that World Nomads is not limited to Australians only but they have a wide horizon of branches across the globe and considered one of prominent international travel insurance companies. This insurance provider has been complimented by their customers for having a responsive and easy-to-use sight in the internet. World nomads is great for those traveling for vacation and traveling alone as their policies are designed primarily for and by adventurous travelers around the world. Continue reading “3 Most Incredible Travel Insurance Plans Available in Australia Market”

7 Amazing International Travel Insurance Plans (Adventure with no boundaries by getting insured!)

Whether you travel towards your dream vacation destination or you travel in a regular basis, one thing you always need the most. And it’s something that most of travelers tend to neglect. It’s security. One must need a security blanket to assure that every need, loss or unexpected event must be covered by when traveling. And there’s only one way to “assure” yourself against any harm or contingency, by taking an international travel insurance.

While you get confused as to which insurance provider to choose, as there are tons of insurance companies out there, we gathered major ratings and reviews online and put up this list for you to think easily and say no more!

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So fasten your seatbelt! Because we will be giving you a list of seven best international travel insurance chosen by a number of travelers internationally.

Travel Insurance has been successful for being the first choice of almost all rating sites in the internet. They are complimented because of their user-friendly and responsive website as well as their excellent customer service. Customers love the way how easy and less complicated it is to choose and design a plan for them.

You may wonder, how we found as number one, well, we only examine companies that covers most if not all major areas in traveling that need to be insured.

These are: trip cancellation or delay, medical insurance, medical evacuation and repatriation, lost baggage or personal belongings, and of course a 24-hour international assistance.

Not only this insurance company covers all of these, but they offer these in a single policy in a very reasonably cheap price.

Because their plan prices are regulated by the states, so you won’t find a lower price anywhere else for a plan found with them. offers a great amount of standout extras as well. Now, you can get yourselves covered by the company for some extras like extreme sports or for some extraneous activities.

Allianz Global Assistance

Next on our list would be Allianz Global Assistance.

Allianz Global Assistance is one of the largest international travel insurance and definitely one of the oldest and well-established.

This insurance company offers a wide variety of options in quoting and organizing the traveler’s policy.

And here’s the catch, Allianz has the longest length of insured trip which is a coverage of a single travel abroad that lasts up to 365 days. This is incredibly generous as to compare to other known insurance providers in the market.

This insurer is greatly recommended for frequent travelers like students abroad or backpackers or those engaged to business ventures. Continue reading “7 Amazing International Travel Insurance Plans (Adventure with no boundaries by getting insured!)”

Annual Travel Insurance (5 Best Plans and All You need to Know About Them)

Travel insurance is a protection against anything bad that could happen while you are journeying, from losing your luggage to losing your life. It’s like water, you never really need them, until you do. But it’s not enough that you just got a single-trip or an annual travel insurance plan, it is important that you choose the best plan to cover a wide variety of possible risks when you travel.

Today, we give you our list of the best, and most preferred annual travel insurance plans and the facts you need to know about choosing your plans.

Right now, you can easily find any cheap worldwide travel insurance. Annual policies are often chosen by regular travelers to make their insurances cheaper and more practical. However, there is quite a large number of companies offering insurances and systematic policies out there, which makes it hard to choose the best. So our job is to make it easy for you. You just need to know what’s the most important coverage options and why prioritize them.

annual travel insurance

Staysure insurance

Our first pick is the Staysure insurance. Staysure is regarded as one of the most trusted insurance companies at the UK. They have a wide variety of options, to customize or arrange your policy, but they are most recognize for there annual muti trip travel insurance. 100 to  183 days must be your total days spent abroad in a one whole year under you annual travel insurance from Staysure.

However, if you are 70 years old, your trips must not take any longer than 50 days and 35 days if you are 71 years old and over. Continue reading “Annual Travel Insurance (5 Best Plans and All You need to Know About Them)”

Cheap Travel Insurance (5 best plans worth the cost)

Instead of asking questions like, why would I need a travel insurance? Or how much of me needs it?, it might be best to start asking what unpredictable expenses would I not be able to cover? When me or someone in my family encounters a medical emergency upon traveling, will I be able to cover it? Are you traveling with any significant valuables that would be expensive to replace? If you know all answers for these questions, then I guess you are closely to think of getting travel-insured, at least through a cheap travel insurance worth the cost.

Now, the problem is, there are just so many cheap travel insurance out there and companies offer different insurance plans and policies with a variety of prices and it’s hard to identify which one’s legit or which ones are worth the price.

So, through our extensive research and feed back gathering, we give you the list of the 5 cheapest yet the most dependable insurances there exist in the market.

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Leisure Guard Lite Cheap Travel Insurance

Our first pick is the Leisure Guard Lite. Whether you are on for a single trip travel insurance for a one-time vacation, or an annual multi-trip, Leisure Guard Lite provides you hundred percent guaranteed cheap travel insurance. UK, Australia, or USA travel destinations are mostly covered by Leisure Guard Lite, and they can even offer policies for travel destinations to other minor parts of the world. Continue reading “Cheap Travel Insurance (5 best plans worth the cost)”