Best contents insurances in Switzerland

An introduction to contents insurance

There are two main sub categories of home insurance. They are contents and house insurance. In very simple terms, contents insurance secures the items inside your home. Therefore, it should not be confused with its counterpart house insurance. House insurance on the other hand,protects the permanent structure of your house. Let’s find the best contents insurances in Switzerland.

Cost of contents insurance in Switzerland

The actual cost of contents insurance in Switzerland primarily depends on several factors. Some of the factors include

  • First and foremost, it’s important to know the level of the cover you want to purchase.
  • Then, it is also important to know the total estimate of the value of your valuable belongings.
  • Have a clear estimate of the number of claims that you have made previously as this will greatly affect your premium.
  • Last but not least, to reduce the cost of the insurance policy you would like to purchase, ask your insurance provider for any available discounts. 

Why is it important to get contents insurance in Switzerland

Regardless of where you stay, contents insurance is a must have. Therefore, if you are currently residing in Switzerland, below are some of the reasons as to why you should purchase contents insurance:

  • Under contents insurance, all the damages caused to your belongings are fully covered.
  • In addition, accidental damages caused by liquid spillage are also covered.
  • This not only gives you peace of mind but financial compensation as well.
  • Contents insurance also offers legal cover in case any dispute arises between the landlord and tenant.

Best contents insurance in Switzerland

In Switzerland, there are various contents insurance providers that provide exceptional services that suit your needs. According to research, some of the best contents insurance providers in Switzerland are Allianz Suisse Insurance, Zurich Insurance and Swiss National Insurance.

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