Annual Travel Insurance (5 Best Plans and All You need to Know About Them)

Travel insurance is a protection against anything bad that could happen while you are journeying, from losing your luggage to losing your life. It’s like water, you never really need them, until you do. But it’s not enough that you just got a single-trip or an annual travel insurance plan, it is important that you choose the best plan to cover a wide variety of possible risks when you travel.

Today, we give you our list of the best, and most preferred annual travel insurance plans and the facts you need to know about choosing your plans.

Right now, you can easily find any cheap worldwide travel insurance. Annual policies are often chosen by regular travelers to make their insurances cheaper and more practical. However, there is quite a large number of companies offering insurances and systematic policies out there, which makes it hard to choose the best. So our job is to make it easy for you. You just need to know what’s the most important coverage options and why prioritize them.

annual travel insurance

Staysure insurance

Our first pick is the Staysure insurance. Staysure is regarded as one of the most trusted insurance companies at the UK. They have a wide variety of options, to customize or arrange your policy, but they are most recognize for there annual muti trip travel insurance. 100 to  183 days must be your total days spent abroad in a one whole year under you annual travel insurance from Staysure.

However, if you are 70 years old, your trips must not take any longer than 50 days and 35 days if you are 71 years old and over.

And here’s the catch, their annual family travel insurance worldwide has no age limit! They can add your entire family from newborn babies and up. They really take you out from the hassle of having to get an insurance policy every travel, by simply getting an annual travel insurance.

Travelex Travel Insurance

Second on our list is Travelex Travel Insurance. This insurance company is one of the oldest insurance providers there is, as it has been running for over 55 years. It offers $50,000 of coverage for medical treatment and  $500,000 for medical evacuation. They also offer very comprehensive coverage and upgrade options.

Its plans are also brilliant for families as they cover all kids under 18 years old. But its worldwide destination coverage is really one of their basic edge which makes them one of the best annual travel insurance. Singapore, for instance, a country from Asia which does not require entering visa, is also covered by their annual plans.

IMG or IMGlobal Insurance

Our next pick is the IMG or IMGlobal Insurance. This insurance pack is the best for adventurous travelers. Their series of travel insurance policies are the most advisable when your traveling to remote places or planning to take a venturesome vacation. We know for a fact that hazardous or high-risked activities such as scuba- diving or haunting might bring the doer to possible injuries and accidents. So it’s always best to insure against such perils.

IMG offers such a generous medical coverage with up to $500,000 pay out from experiencing injuries and illness out of the extraneous activities the traveler has been having. And it really gets better as they also insure medical evacuation plan for a tantamount amount of $1 million.

IMG is also often praise for there excellent customer service, which highly crucial.

Allianz Global Assistance

Fourth on our list is totally the Allianz Global Assistance. Allianz is highly recommendable for long trips or for a long tour across the world as they offer coverage for up to six moths.

Other insurance providers limit there coverage to 90 days, at least. But Allianz has got you covered for 6 moths or even up to 1 year-length of trip. This is the most advisable for exchanged students for others counties, travelers going on mission trip and the like.

Their medical insurance is the most availed for by the customers as it is really important to have one if your going for a long stay in the foreign country. For some reasons, your local medical insurance would be most likely unavailable in other countries.

All Clear Travel Insurance

Our last pick is definitely All Clear Travel Insurance. All Clear travel insurance has probably the most generous offer for medical coverage as they would insure up to the amoount of 1 million pounds. They also offer you a 24-hour medical emergency helpline, up to 5 thousand pounds coverage for cacellation of trip and another 5 thousand for insuring you baggage.

And just like any other great insurance providers, they offer insurance to any age and for any destination, as long as it’s around the planet. But what made them stand out is that they offer insurance coverage to people with prior medical conditions. However, All Clear Travel Insurance is a little bit pricey than most travel insurance providers and would definitely not belong to cheap worldwide travel insurance.

Bonus Tips

Finding the cheapest annual travel insurance is about narrowing down the things that you do and you do not need. If you are not willing to pay much for every minute detail, then start asking, what should be the most possible risks or incidents that you would most likely face? What areas in my travel journey that needs a great amount of assistance?

Even with all the many insurance providers little by little mushrooming up, surprisingly, there are still a lot of people who are skeptical and thinking that they don’t really need an insurance when they travel. Keep in mind that all the insurance companies mentioned here provides cheap travel insurance plans as well.

The thing is, when you travel, accidents might happen. Risks happen, injuries and loss may occur BUT so do help and assurance which would be guaranteed if you have travel insurances.

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