5 best student contents insurances in Australia

An introduction to contents insurance

For most people, their home is like their castle. Therefore, you end up using a lot of money so as to be able to protect your home. You do so by investing in alarms systems, fences, smoke detectors and latches. However, you fail to realize one crucial and important thing. Investing in contents and house insurance should be your number one priority. In case an unforeseeable event occurs, it will end up destroying your home. The items you had invested in such as alarms and latches will get damaged as well.However, during this difficult time, contents insurance comes to your aid and secures your valuable belongings. It also offers you financial protection and gives you peace of mind. Before exploring 5 best student contents insurances in Australia, let’s see why do students need contents insurance.

Why do students need contents insurance?

For a university or college student, you are prone to theft and break-ins regardless of how careful you are. Accidents are examples of unforeseen events. Even the people we think of as most cautious fall victims of these events. Therefore, the benefits of purchasing contents insurance by students are:

  • Financial Protection: In this case, contents insurance secures your valuable belongings against damage caused by unforeseeable events.
  • Accidental damage: These kinds of damages caused to the students’ electronics are covered under contents insurance.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing that your belongings are secured in case the worst happens makes your life much easier.
  • Coverage: Both contents and liability coverage are offered under contents insurance. This is in case the student is a tenant.

5 best student contents insurances in Australia

Most students fail to see the importance of purchasing contents insurance. In the process, they end up not knowing where to find the best student contents insurance. Therefore, according to research, we have outlined some of the best students’ contents insurance providers in Australia:


  • ANZ
  • 1300 Insurance
  • Aussie
  • 1 Cover Direct
  • AON

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