5 best contents insurance in UK

An introduction to contents insurance

 There is a lot of expenses and excitement that come with moving into a new flat or home. In the process, most tenants end up not purchasing a contents insurance. Tenants do so because they feel their possessions are not worthy enough to insure. When it comes to home insurance, it is categorized into two major groups. These are contents and house insurance. In simple terms, contents insurance secures the items inside your home. Therefore, it should not be confused with house insurance which protects the permanent structure of your house. Before we explore best contents insurance in UK, we must know why is it important to get contents insurance in UK.

Why is it important to get contents insurance in UK

 From the property owner to the tenant, contents insurance is for everyone. This is regardless of where you live, contents insurance continues to be a necessity. Are you living in the UK? Below are the reasons why you should get contents insurance:

  • Let’s say an unforeseen event were to happen such as fire. In this case, contents insurance covers all your personal and valuable possessions.
  • By doing so, it helps you get back on your feet without affecting either your budget or plans.
  • Having contents insurance provides you with not only peace of mind but makes your whole situation much easier.
  • In case a dispute arose between the landlord and tenant, contents insurance offers legal cover.
  • In case you are a tenant living in a rented house, you are protected by both contents and liability coverage.
  • Accidental damages to the owners or tenant’s electronics are also covered.

5 best contents insurance in UK

When planning to buy contents insurance, it is a common practice for most people to look for the best insurance providers. However, it becomes more of a struggle for most people. Hence, below is a list of the best contents insurance providers in the UK. They are Cover4Insurance, E&L, Saxon, Endsleigh, and HSBC.

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