Contents Insurance NZ (6 Exclusive Steps to Your Home & Content Insurer)

Security and comfort are some of the essential factors we all seek in our various homes. These two are not always that simple to accomplish, and that’s where home and contents insurance NZ comes in.

The main question should be; have you even thought of contents insurance NZ? If not, don’t be left out. If you have, consider only the best house and contents NZ. To help you make the right choices, here are top 3 content insurance NZ you can consider.

Contents Insurance NZ: 3 Best Pick

  1. Best of Best: AA Insurance NZ

Talk of best policies, quality services, and great value for money, AA insurance has it all. From client reviews, it tops the list as it provides great ideas to ensure that your home and belongings are fully covered. The company’s home and contents insurance NZ come separately or as one package. Therefore, the choice is yours to make!

AA insurance content policies include replacement cover which covers natural disaster, new for old to cover stolen, damaged or lost items, cover for retaining walls which go up to $ 50,000, natural disaster cover and temporary accommodation cover ( limited to $20,000 for 12 months ).  Additional benefits like AA member discounts are also available.

Some worry about the accidental damage cover for non-portable goods and electrical items, AA has you covered.  If you want quality content insurance deliveries choose AA, it guarantees only the best.

Contents Insurance NZ
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  1. Second Best:  ANZ House Insurance NZ

ANZ insurance offers great insurance deals after AA according to Constar Blue Survey. The awesome thing about ANZ is that, they cover almost everything in your home ranging from home equipment to wedding/birthday gifts. Their home and content insurance NZ replacement policy covers regardless of the item age.

Some ANZ covers include key and lock replacement cover costing $ 2,000, temporary accommodation which goes for $ 30,000 (limited to 12 months), and accidental damage cover which may be due to a pipe leak or overflowing water ($ 3,000). Aside from the common house insurance cover, the company can cover properties like swimming pools, spas, landscaping and even your phone from flips.

If you are an avid traveler, ANZ allows an extension to an insurance policy to cover contents while on transit or when you are far from your house. (And don’t forget to check some cheap travel insurance plans as well )Not forgetting, the house insurance contents guarantee a full payment plus GST during accidental damage.  So, if ANZ insurance NZ is the best insurance company for you, go for it!

  1. Third Best: STATE Insurance Company NZ

STATE insurance falls third in the contents insurance NZ comparison chart. STATE is trusted by over 400,000 kiwis! The multi-policy insurance company allows you to save up to 15% when you buy a package of house and contents insurance NZ (combined). You even get to calculate your insurance value at the comfort of your home with home and contents insurance calculator NZ.

STATE content insurance covers are categorized into content comprehensive and content essential. Comprehensive offers a full cover up to sum insured regardless of age. Content essential is ideal when you want to protect your property from specific events including fire or theft.

The other covers include constructing works insurance for things like home renovation and landlord insurance to protect rented property.  STATE can be your best content insurance NZ, get the chance to know the company well and have the opportunity to secure your home.

6 Steps to Guide You to Your Best Content Insurance NZ

  1. Know The Different Types of Content Policies

Remember, not all insurance policies offered by different companies are equal. Before that, know whether you require content or home insurance policy. Some insurance offers house and contents insurance NZ separately or combined.

Home insurance usually takes care of your home structure and permanent fittings like bathrooms, paths or driveways. The content insurance will cover the non-permanent fittings such as clothes, jewelry, and electrical goods.

You will also need to take into consideration the sum insured and EQC levy (paid to the government through the insurer).

  1. Know The Levels of Insurance Cover

They are different levels of covers available in New Zealand. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the different levels and do a quick comparison.  The levels at most cases are grouped into standard, medium level, and highest level. After knowing what best suits your budget and needs by matching your risks to the levels, you can go ahead and choose the level.

  1. Know How The Insurer Defines Valuables

Valuable items are the goods prone to the risk of damage or theft.  These items are usually what you value most. Different insurance companies have different techniques of categorizing the valuable items. Therefore, take your time to list all your high-valued items, see how each insurer values each item. Your contents insurance NZ compare list will help you choose what suits your budget better.

  1. Choose The Right Type of Cover

After doing an incredible contents insurance NZ comparison and ensuring it doesn’t push you to an under-insuring edge, make a choice. Choose the insurer ready to meet your needs and expectation with the right type of cover.  Integrating a legal cover is also a good idea. The cover will help you during a court case.

  1. Make an Increase in Your Excess

This method of increasing your excess is an indirect way of lowering your premium.  Increase in excess equals to a decrease in the amount payable by the insurer on the event of claim. In the long run, the premium reduces.

  1. Pay a Lump-sum Premium

If you are able to pay the whole premium on the time of your policy issuance then do so. Paying your premium in installments only result to higher costs. Paying a lump sum can be a simple way of avoiding extra interest charges.

Get fully covered in New Zealand with the best contents insurance NZ cover, and have the opportunity to know your content value by calculating, with the exclusive content insurance calculator NZ.

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